Monday, February 10, 2014

What I'm Loving!

Do you ever have those things that you find and you just kinda fall in love with? Like a new shirt or a gadget that makes your life easier? I love when that happens...

So I'm starting a new feature here where every week or so I'll share what I'm currently loving...and I'd love to hear yours too! So be sure and leave me a comment and let me know what you're loving :)

So here's what I'm currently loving...

1) The Maddie Top from Kiki La'Rue
KLR recently had an awesome sale where I scored their Maddie Top for 30% off. This was my first purchase from them, having been introduced to KLR by Cari from Adventures of the Roberts and I must say I'm impressed! The product descriptions on their website give measurements and sizes for several different women (who are real people...they work for Kiki La'Rue!) and people who've reviewed their products also give you a great idea of sizing for each product. I ordered my top and put a quick little note to say thanks on my order and in less than 5 days my package had arrived! And bonus? Because it was my first order, KLR included a little measuring tape for me to use if I need it for future orders. How awesome is that? That's good customer care right there.
The top itself is super comfy, really nice feeling material that didn't stretch out as I wore it all day and the shape of the top is SOOOOO figure flattering. It's the kind of top anyone can wear. It flows nicely, hides my "mommy pooch" and looks really cute. It's a great top to accessorize too...a chunky necklace or great scarf would look adorable with this top.

2) Maskcara (<- click to take you to her blog!)
Cara is a makeup blogger who is all over Pinterest and Instagram. She's got some seriously amazing makeup tutorials...and part of why I love her so much is because she's a momma who's done several super quick looks geared for busy moms (she's got a 4 minute makeup tutorial that's awesome!) and some of her posts are done using all drugstore makeup buys!

3) My Vera Bradley diaper bag
I'm kind of a Vera junkie...and a diaper bag whore. Put your hands together and you've got a very happy me! I've got a bunch of Vera bags but perhaps the most practical one I have is this diaper bag I picked up last year. I love this one because it makes keeping a clean, organized diaper bag ridiculously easy. The front pocket of the bag zips down on both sides to reveal a detachable changing pad and two pockets to house diapers and wipes. Genius! The backside has a large zippered pocket, the sides feature bottle/sippy cup pockets and inside has plenty of space and pockets for whatever you need. I especially love Vera bags because...begin heavenly singing...most of them are washable. Not just wipeable like most diaper bags...full on throw it in the washer, washable.

4) Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis has a personality that may not be for everyone, but I will full on admit that I love him and I think he's a crazy talented interior designer. And Jenny Pulous...I want to be her BFF. The new season of Flipping Out begins on Wednesday, March 5th on Bravo. Get excited.

5) Essie's Fiji nail lacquer
The perfect bubbly pink for a Valentine's mani :)

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