Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wrap Up

So the Easter Bunny made his way to our house on Saturday night, and the little dude woke up to a basket full of goodies on Sunday morning. This year was especially special as, for the first time ever, the hubs was home to spend it with us. We spent the day enjoying a yummy breakfast (cheesy eggs, toast and still, my prego heart), watching our little guy devour every jelly bean he could find (judge all you want about the's Easter.) and relaxing on the couch. It was wonderful. And so needed.

And no, the meaning of the holiday was not lost on us at all. We come from strong a Catholic backgrounds and the beauty, love and meaningfulness of Jesus' death and resurrection is something we most certainly acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate. Just to be clear there :)

Minus the copious amounts of jelly beans Conner consumed (seriously...I don't even know where he kept finding them), I tried to keep his basket relatively low and the candy. We don't really go super overboard here for Easter, just a few little trinkets and things, so I resorted to a theme for the things that would go in his cute little basket.

First, check out our baskets themselves. Aren't they cute?!?

The baskets themselves are from Michaels, and the liners were made by Collen who owns Cuddleboo. You can find some of her adorable creations on Etsy, and she's also got a Facebook page where you can see her latest creations and items to order. She does custom embroidery and makes some seriously cool stuff. Conner even has a few of her kid capes :)

Conner's basket was filled with fun stuff for the tub. The kid has a seriously awesome bathroom courtesy of yours truly, with an under-the-sea theme, so tub goodies seemed only appropriate. I loaded his basket with Mr. Bubble bath foams, Crayola Twistables bath crayons and Crayola Bath Color Dropz that change the color of the bath water (but won't stain the tub...or your kid!). So fun! And naturally, bath time was a blast last night. Fair warning: the crayons leave a little color residue on your tub walls where you've drawn, but a quick scrub with a Magic Eraser will take care of that. The color tablets were easily my favorite...we put a blue one and a yellow one in the tub and it turned the water a super pigmented, awesome shade of green! The dude loved it. The bath foam was super fun too...and it smells soooooooo yummy!

Needless to say we had a happy little camper...who crashed from his sugar rush and slept quite soundly last night :) Stinker.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and for those who celebrate a Happy Easter!

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  1. sounds like a perfect day! glad D was able to be home w you guys!!!