Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Trimester Woes and Retail Therapy

Yep! That's right. If you missed the announcement on Facebook and Instagram...

Woo hoo! 

Everyone and their mom has told me that every pregnancy is different. At first I thought "Psht. My pregnancy with Conner was great. The first trimester wasn't even that bad. This one will definitely be the same".

Lies. I told myself lies.

The first trimester hit me like a freight train going 250 miles per hour, non stop, around the world.
I was just sooooooo exhausted, missing so much of my energy and in a funk. Oh, and then there was that special gem called "morning sickness"...AKA knock me on my ass, make me gag at everything, all day every day pure unadulterated nausea to the max.

Never in my life had I spent so much time in a constant state of pure sea sickness. Not much helped, and I was riding the wave of laying out coloring books and Color Wonder markers all over the floor, with an episode of Team Umi Zoomi on the TV, so that I could lay on the couch sucking peppermints and praying for some relief.

Thankfully, as the nausea let up over the last days of the first trimester, I found myself happy to indulge in a little retail therapy. Because, really, sometimes it's just good medicine.

My first purchase for this sweet new little one was a new Moby Wrap :) Zulily had a great event with them and a scored a super awesome Phillies wrap. Because my babies are born Phillies Phans :)

I've also been doing a little online "window shopping", if you will. For this tot, I'm determined to own a super gorgeous Ergo and I was pretty thrilled when I found this gem exclusively at Nordstrom. It's part of Ergo's Petunia a Pickle Bottom collaboration and it's a beauty, though it's currently unavailable and might even be *gasp* discontinued. Mark my words, this will be in my collection of carriers, somehow....

I'm currently researching other baby items, like double strollers, so if anyone has a great suggestion for baby number two must haves, I am all ears!!

I'm so excited to share another pregnancy journey with you all :) But don't worry, there will be no shortage of crafting and recipes along the way!

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