Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Real Mom's Guide...Fatima's Postpartum Survival Kit

Day 2...woo hoo! Today's post is broght to you by Fatima of Motherhood Through My Eyes. Enjoy!!

5 Things You Need After A C-Section
Nothing can prepare you for an unexpected pregnancy or an emergency C-section more than yourself. A healthy mental state of mind is important to overcome the pain and stress of bringing a child into this world. 

Prior to going into labor I made sure I purchased several items. Below I share six essential ones for moms who undergo a C-section:

1. A great pair of underwearBefore I prepared my hospital bag, I knew there were several things I needed, and underwear was number one! I purchased two Vanity Fair Hi-Cut panties at Khols. They were very comfortable and easy to wash by hand. 
2. “Mommy diapers”
You are going to need a lot of pads – or what I like to call, “mommy diapers.” Purchasing a box of Always Infinity Overnight Pads. They are thin and very absorbant.

Scar Cream. After each bath, I would apply Mederma Scar Cream + SPF 30. By doing this I was able to make my C-section incision practically invisible and got rid of several stretch marks that appeared in my third trimester. 
4. Lots of pillows.
I love feeling comfortable when I go to bed, and having lots of pillows was a must during my pregnancy, and more importantly, post-partum. Buying several sets of the Charisma pillows I purchsed at Costco were a blessing. They are fluffy and light, and work well for lower back – an area that felt lots of pain after my epidural.

5. Yummy Snacks.You will not always have the strength to cook once the baby is home, so it is important to have other healthy alternatives. I have always been a fruit junkie, so I kept different types of fruits around the house to munch on. I will admit that I also had Tostitos Original Restaurant chips and their salsa around for those salty midnight cravings.

Motherhood Through My Eyes is a lifestyle blog written by Fatima Lora, a full-time mother and contributing writer. Fatima is fascinated with the simple things in life, enjoys a good sale and early mornings with her family. Fatima's blog is her way of expressing herself and sharing her thoughts on favorite products and companies she uses with her family.


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