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A Real Mom's Guide...Shanna's Postpartum Survival Kit!

Whoop whoop! I'm excited to share with you guys the first post for the next chapter of my Real Mom's Guide series! This week it's all about postpartum survival kits and what mommas would put in their ultimate kit for after baby arrives. Today's post is brought to you by Shanna from Ms Naturally Random :) Enjoy!

Top Ten Postpartum Check list
Hello lovelies! Since my young one is now three weeks old, I am beginning to feel less like a novice level “mom” and more like an intermediate level “mama”! Gives self HUGE pat on back for progress. The initial healing time after delivery can be quite a strenuous adjustment. I thought it would be great to share my ultimate list of postpartum necessities! And necessities they are!

The first section of my list comes directly from the great nurses I had after delivery! All the items listed below were provided to me from the nurses. I’d read about many of them but the assistance and knowledge from the nurses was an awesome help!
Pain Relievers – Although I'd read extensively about after birth care for "down there" I was not prepared for the pain. I delivered vaginally and labor (due to epidural) was a breeze in comparison to the pain after delivery and at home. I don't want to scare anyone but I felt like I'd been hit by a train. I was popping Motrin like candy. No, no, no I jest! I only took the recommended daily amount! I’m not big on taking medicine…but I got over that postpartum!
Dermoplast spray – It is a cooling spray that gets to those hard to reach areas. I used it primarily after restroom room visits. Wearing pads constantly isn’t the greatest experience. My skin would sometimes become irritated and this spray gave me just the right amount of quick relief with easy application.
Peri-Bottle – Such a simple device but yet it’s the greatest invention ever! It is a water bottle that you use to rinse and refresh yourself. I described it to a friend as a poor man's bidet! Fancy, right?!
Witch Hazel or witch hazel wipes – I actually had both but different uses. I used the witch hazel (liquid) to create what I found that the “mommy” community calls “padsicles” It a feminine napkin with witch hazel on it and then you pop those suckers in the freezer! Never would have thought I’d need this but occasionally those “padsicles” were exactly what I needed. I typically used the wipes after of my peri-bottle during restroom trips. There were very effective. Did Iforgot mention having a baby is somewhat messy!
Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow with Wings – Pads, pads, pads and more pads!While you’re getting used to changing diapers, you’ll find that you’ll be changing about just as often. You might want to go a big box store and stock up on your favorite brand! Who knew you could use so many! Geez! For the time I needed them, they helped me to feel totally confident while lounging and sleeping. No fear of leaks, I felt totally protected! Just make sure to change them frequently to help prevent odor and infection.

Secondly, a few miscellaneous extras!
Back Bath Brush - After pregnancy and labor, I had a weak pelvic floor and weak abdominal muscles. So I'd began to use a back bath brush to assist in washing back and lower legs/feet. I continued using the brush until I regained my strength.
Johnson and Johnson Nursing Pads – Who knew you had the capability to spring a leak?! Well my nightgowns were always evidence of just that! Once your milk comes in, the nursing pads help keep those “leaks” under wraps! I never had a leak and when it was time to go back to work, I was confident. Don’t forget to throw a few in the diaper bag.
Shea Moisture African Black Soap - My skin became REALLY oily and caused constant breakouts during pregnancy. Although I'm still dealing with acne postpartum, I found this soap to be awesome. Each week postpartum, the acne is weaning and after I wash my face it feels smooth and clean. The bar is SUPER HUGE, so it’s not running out anytime soon. It’s not drying at all and smells great! It exfoliates a little bit too!

Lastly, for overall Mommy Care you will need two major things!
Water - I'm breastfeeding and find that while she feeds I get awfully parched. My nurses also explained that my water intake affects my milk supply. So DRINK UP ladies!
Rest - Whether you had a natural birth or caesarean you'll need to recoup. Your body did something amazing. You've just created and carried a human being!

Wish List
Percoset LOL! Yes, I said Percoset! I am so serious. The pain I experienced from myepisiotomy was….let’s say…a bit much! I’ve never been prescribed the drug before but it did help with pain management during my hospital stay. Alas my dear doctor sent me home without a prescription.
More Loungewear – I didn’t realize how infrequently I’d wear actual clothes! I had to do laundry often because all of my loungewear and sleepwear would be dirty…I should have slipped a few more items into the carts while doing the baby hauls if I’d known this earlier!

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