Friday, July 4, 2014

Give Me All The Milkshakes!!!!!!

Well lovebugs, I am well into the second trimester. Almost 24 weeks as I write this post!

Things are going well. I'm feeling relatively great minus starting that point in pregnancy where you feel like you can't breathe. I'm having a lot more Braxton Hicks lately and, dear God...the bending and chasing that comes with having a two and a half year old is really just not conducive to pregnancy.

But all of that aside, this trimester rocks!

My midwife appointments are all going really well. I seriously don't know why I didn't see them during my pregnancy with Conner. I don't have enough good things to say about them and I feel fully supported and ready to rock a VBAC...woo!!

Also, fun little fact: the milkshakes. Give them to me. All of them. Now.

But really. Milkshakes.

Conner is slowly warming to the idea of a baby brother or sister. He LOVES coming with me to appointments so he can hear the baby. And we recently bought him a baby doll so he can practice big brother duties. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Also: I love milkshakes.

A few days ago I had my second ultrasound. My first, at what we thought was 20 weeks, went well but the baby was measuring a bit small and was SO active that they couldn't get all of the images they needed (how active, you wonder? Baby started the ultrasound in breech position. Flipped head down. Flipped transverse. Then rolled to the other side). At that appointment, they decided to push my due date back ten days to October 25th and scheduled me for another ultrasound which I had yesterday. At the follow up, baby was measuring right on track with the new due date and was cooperative for the tech, so they got the images they needed. Observe the cuteness!

But really, that little hand!! And I have to say...I'm actually kind of glad they pushed my due date back. It gives me an extra ten days before I'm on a clock where induction or repeat c-section can be brought up (though my midwives are really pulling for my VBAC which is AWESOME).

Oh, by the way? Milkshakes.

So overall things are still going great and I am enjoying this pregnancy. I've got a hiccupy little thing in my belly and I just love it.

In the next few weeks, you'll be seeing some fun posts here at This Whole Mommy Thing including some additions to my Real Mom's Guide series and a new post for flying with a little guy, toddler style :) I hope you're all having a great summer thus far, and I wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

Until next time! I'm off to make a freaking milkshake. Hell yeah!


  1. Hi! I don't know how I came across your blog... IG maybe? Congrats on your new little one to come. I can't wait to catch up on your archives. And I hope you get all the milkshakes you need! <3

    1. Hi Caroline! Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my blog :)
      Much love!

  2. The "hiccupy" stage....aww I miss being pregnant! Hmmm...craving milkshakes now...Coke and ice cream in the fridge so a Coke Float will have to do! Thanks for the munchies lol

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