Friday, August 1, 2014

A Real Mom's Guide...Jamie's Postpartum Survival Kit

I'm closing out the week with a guest post by Jamie from But never fear! There are lots more installments of A Real Mom's Guide coming up soon! Stay tuned, and enjoy :)

So you've done it! You can look down now and see your feet, trust me I know it's been a while since you've seen them. I'm pretty sure that by now you may have already realized that your "bundle of joy" doesn't like to be held or fed the way the blogs said. And you've become more comfortable adapting to what comes naturally rather than what the baby whisperers say. Having a new baby at home learning and growing, first inside of you for what seems like an eternity then alongside you from day one, changes us..

The changes we experience are as much alike as they are different but one thing is certain, a happy mommy develops a naturally happy baby. During my recovery process I learned that simplifying my daily routine was the perfect way to get through the many, many (many) tasks that you have to conduct in a pain free, swift and safe manner for mommy and baby. On my second day in the hospital after having a midnight C-section, my mom came into my hospital room, which now shined a pale pink hue from the layers it`s a girl everything , which was a total surprise because I didn't want to know the sex. The gift that held up the pile became one of my best friends along with a comfortable recliner, a bottle caddy, and an LCD display screen baby monitor.

My postpartum survival kit was just that-a means to survival!An easy to assemble, collapsible, rolling....yes ROLLING bassinet came I handy for transporting my daughter in a quick manner without having to lift her. My C-Section was smooth- minor soar -ness but this handy dandy thing did it all! I could roll the bassinet anywhere throughout our home, even upstairs. Moreover, two large baskets accompanied the rolling wonder which came in handy for the essentials that you always need nearby. There are extra precautions that need o be taken after having a C-section. Lifting more than a few pounds can be difficult for some. Having a comfortable recliner made feeding and naps a comfortable process for myself and my daughter and it kept the extra weight away from the new, sensitive incision. Having the bassinet nearby with the bottle caddy, baskets for diapers and balms etc. made for an easy transition for my baby girl and me. My last yet most important survival tool was my LCD display baby monitor. For obvious reasons having a newborn unearths emotional concerns and worries for your baby. Being able to see her at all times truly put me at ease and it also provided a way for me to watch her learn and explore independently. These things are everywhere Kmart, Walmart, Babies R Us etc.  

Here are a few possibilities:

If I could do it all again, I would utilize a journal to document the small things that change us the most. Remember ~ continue to nurture yourself first. Your baby loves and needs you at your best.

Check out more possibilities here:

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