Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Call Me The Buddha Belly

28 weeks. 28 freaking weeks. Where the hell did you come from?

The third trimester has creeped up quickly. Holy cow. Though I am well aware that the next 12ish weeks will be the longest of this entire pregnancy. And at some point I will likely look and feel like that pregnant cat meme floating around on the know...this one

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Poor kitty.

Today I had my 28 week appointment. It was a productive appointment with lots of great conversation with my amazing midwives. The one I saw today is my favorite :) She super loves her VBAC patients and makes me feel so confident and excited every time I see her. I had to face reality today though: I am a prior c-section momma and with that there are risks. I've done ridiculous amounts of research, I'm confident in my ability to VBAC and I'm excited for birth...but I know all too well that things happen, and I know that I need to prepare for that.

When Conner was born, the thought of needing an emergency c-section never crossed my mind. It was never an option. Surely it wasn't going to happen to me...But it did. And it was devastating. And the thought of needing to go through that again scares me. So I am making a point of having a plan for the just-in-case.

So my midwife and I discussed what would happen if I needed another C-section. And I love her even more now.

If it needs to happen, and baby doesn't need to be taken to the NICU like Conner did, I won't lose out on skin-on-skin time. I won't miss those good "just born pheremones" or the chance to nurse my baby right away. Our base hospital is all for doing those things, right on the operating table, with the help of a nurse and the support of my entire birthing team.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we discussed these things. And then my midwife reminded me "you're a great VBAC candidate. You're going to rock it out anyway".

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She's the best.

So here I am, officially in the seventh month of my pregnancy. I am measuring a few weeks ahead, likely because baby is probably spread out and comfy and finishing a growth spurt. Everything is is healthy though...I just look like I have a big Buddha belly :) I am feeling pretty good, minus very achy feet, but I am not ready to be done enjoying the little kicks in my I am making a point to enjoy the end of this pregnancy before I have a new tiny little in my arms!


Oh, and I'm still enjoying milkshakes :)

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