Sunday, October 5, 2014

I Hate Pants...and I Want Wine.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant.

Remember that cat meme I shared in a previous pregnancy update and joking noted that I was feeling great at the time but I was sure the cat was inevitable? Let me remind you...

Photo credit: Pinterest

I empathize with said feline.

I'm huge. Even my maternity clothes are starting to not fit. And I hate pants. With a passion. All clothes, really, but pants especially. And seriously...

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I know, I'm so crabby. But I think when you're this pregnant you get a pass and are allowed to be...right? Besides the fact that yesterday I woke up with a raging cold. It's less than ideal, so I should get an extra crabby pass.

I've hit that point...I'm ready to get this baby out. While I'm more than happy to accommodate the nugget until he or she is ready to make an entrance, I'm really feeling anxious to get my VBAC, meet my nugget, sleep on my belly, be able to breathe...and have a glass of wine. Or a beer. Whichever is more readily available. I'm ready to start feeling like myself again, as opposed to a human oven. And I'm reaaaaaallllly ready to not walk like a lopsided penguin...

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I will say, however, that I'm focusing hard on enjoying the crazy movements inside of my belly while they're still there. And I'm still enjoying wrapping my head around the fact that there's a little person in there (seriously, I apparently spend my whole pregnancy wrapping my head around said idea...). I'm treating myself to warm baths and Spiced Wafer cookies (a Philadelphia fall tradition) and thoroughly enjoying pulling out the baby gear from when Conner was tiny with the notion that it gets to be used again. I'm focused on resting when possible, spending time with my favorite little dude before he becomes a big brother, and reading and saying the beautiful birth affirmations from the cards I scored from Birth Without Fear (click the'll take you to their shop page where you can score a set too!)

Photo credit: Me! @thiswholemommything on Instagram

We're getting there. Whenever you're ready, little one <3