Monday, December 22, 2014

Jackson's Baptism!

We had Jackson baptized yesterday in a sweet little ceremony at our base chapel. It was particularly special because my youngest brother flew out for the weekend to be here for his godson! Here are a few highlights from the day :)

Our christening gown is really's made from my mom's wedding gown! She had it made for me when Conner was born. His initials are embroidered in blue at the bottom of the gown and Jackson's will soon be added, too. My hope is to make this a family heirloom...pass it down so that my children will use it for their children and so forth, and for the initials of each baby baptized in it to be added to the gown :)

Jax's godmother, Derek's sister, couldn't be here for the day so she sent Jackson a beautiful blanket to be wrapped in and to memorialize the special occasion!

My little man :) Stinker decided he needed to nurse for most of the service, but he did break for a pic with his momma :)

And he did not mind the water at all! He just gazed at us with his sweet little eyes.

Conner was really more interested in trying to blow out his brother's candle than anything...

My men!

Our little family ❤️

And of course there were cupcakes...

Have a great Christmas week, all!

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