Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Potty Training Chronicles

I will fully admit that, at one point, I was the mom who was like "Psht, my kid will be potty trained before he's two whether he wants to or not".


Here we are, Conner turned three in November...and we are still working on it. But you know what? It's cool. Because Conner should be setting the pace, not me. And if that means that potty training is a process and on his time, then so be it.

But it's still a pretty freaking frustrating process.

Pee. Everywhere. Not really, but my poor carpets are grateful we own a shampooer and my washer is being used to it's full potential. 

We first attempted the "every 15 minutes on the potty, underwear only, pantsless" method...

It failed. Miserably. 

Conner was getting frustrated because he didn't want to sit on the potty yet again, and we were getting frustrated because he was frustrated and it was just a worthless battle. And it wasn't working. So recently I've scrapped it in favor of my own method...

Letting C Man take the lead.

He's generally great about sitting on the potty first thing in the morning and at night, so we always do that. During the day though, he's quite stubborn and so active that he doesn't want to stop playing to use the toilet. That's our biggest hurdle. So at the present moment our gameplan is giving Conner the choice each morning to wear underpants or a diaper. Either bottom he choses, I encourage toilet time often, though if he wets the underpants we go back to a diaper and try again a little later. And of course there are star stickers and m&ms for his potty successes! It's working for us. He isn't so frustrated and that makes this all easier even if it means the process is taking longer than the bitches on Pinterest (HAHA) or even some of my own friends. 

He'll get there. And until then I will keep running my washer, shampooing the carpets, and giggling at the 800 pairs of tiny underpants hanging out all over my house (you never know where the mood for underpants may strike!)...

Oh, and wine. I'll be drinking wine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breastfeeding Chronicles...The Second Time Around

Guess what? I'm patting my own back today. 


Because I've met my first breastfeeding goal: 12 weeks of exclusive breastfeeding.

And that's completely rad.

Breastfeeding with Conner was not so easy. We had a rough start in the NICU, post C-section, with both of us on antibiotics and taking a few days to discover that he had a high arch in his palette making a latch difficult. And with a C-section recovery, a lack of sleep and the baby blues, formula supplementation happened...and then we flew home for Christmas. And holiday weaning happened. And even though when we came back I battled to up my supply, it was too late, and at 12 weeks our breastfeeding journey came to a sad and disappointing end.

It only added to my guilt about his birth. And so when I found out Jackson was coming, I vowed to do better.

And I have.

I fought another C-section recovery, mostly alone in the hospital minus a few hours each day when Derek would bring Conner up to visit and help me shower and rest. I've battled bleeding nipples from another baby with a high arch, cluster feeding nights that made me cry, and found help and success from the use of a nipple shield. 

And here I am today, nursing as I write this, proud of my own perseverance. I am a determined momma. I learned better, I know better and I'm doing better for myself. This is right for me! And I'm so happy!

And you know, I could sit here and continue to feel awful that Jackson and I are much more successful at this than Conner and I were. But you know what? I did the best I could. And when we moved to formula, I still did the best I could. And he's a happy and healthy kid, and I'm so proud of that.

And so here I am, nursing my twelve week old little man, looking forward to my next goal of another 12 weeks of breastfeeding.

Here's to it!

And here's to you. No matter how to feed your babe. I support you!