Thursday, July 9, 2015

PCS Season Is Lame.

Summer time for Military families generally means one thing: PCS season. If you aren't getting orders to relocate, someone you know is. And it's lame.

Going on five years at our current station, I've spent the past several summers saying "see you later" to friends. Some getting out of the Army and transitioning to civilian life, some moving across the country, some moving out of the country. But every summer it's the same.

What a lot of people outside of the Military might not realize is just how much your friends truly become family. When you're 3,000 miles from home, your friends are who you spend holidays with. Your friends are who show up at your house with several days worth of food when you've had a new baby, or who come for coffee and floor sitting when you're having a bad day. Your friends help get you through deployments and trainings and separations because they're the only people in this world who truly understand this life. Your friends become part of your rock...and you try to (and hopefully do) become that same family to them.

And so PCS season becomes a sad time. Sometimes there's an emotional build up to saying goodbye. Thinking for days about how you'll miss your friends and preparing for that last hug before they leave just sucks. And then there are the times where it doesn't sink in right's hard to believe that you're really about to say see ya later to people you've become so close to. And when they really leave, it's....sad. The tears will flow no matter what at some point. That is a guarantee.

This week I said "see you later" to one of my closest friends. Ironically, exactly one year prior to the day, I had done the same with another of my bests. It's never easy. And not having them around truly changes the dynamic of living here. A piece of me is now on it's way to a new base with my friend. And I will miss her dearly.

PCS season brings changes to all...those who leave and those who stay. It means making new friends, missing the ones who've moved, and rolling on...

Here's to it. Tis the season.

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