Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small Business Spotlight: NBT Threads

There's always something to be said about a mama run business that creates loveable, wearable, super rad apparel for the entire family. There's even more to be said about the business when some of their tees include one that says "I'm a me".
{via NBT Threads}

I stumbled upon NBT Threads through Instagram when I was pregnant with Jackson. I had seen them featured on another page and they had a shirt design that said "Mom Boss, Mama Bear, Ah-mazin Wifey & Gorgeous Hair #howdoesshedoit".

I'm still kicking myself for not ordering it before it was gone.

NBT Threads has since become one of my favorite small apparel businesses. Designing Magical Wishes shirts for the whole family (PERFECT for a Disney trip!), they've got other collections of rad items for everyone, too. 
{via NBT Threads}

My current favorite is their superhero themed tees and tanks. I have the women's tank and I call it the ultimate boy-mom shirt! They also recently did a Star Wars themed collection that may need to find it's way into my home....

{via NBT Threads}

Recently featured in this BuzzFeed article, 20 All Too Real Shirts Moms Need In Their Lives, it's evident I'm not the only mama who majorly loves NBT Threads. This is a business that creates quintessential apparel for the family. And if you don't own at least one of their items yet, I'd be willing to bet that something from their site ends up in your closet (or your kids closet) soon.

NBT Threads has also been generous enough to offer an exclusive discount for This Whole Mommy Thing readers! Just enter this code at checkout for 15% off :)

You can check out NBT Threads on their website, Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and?!? They send a little bag of baby gummy bears with every order. Rad :)


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