Friday, September 25, 2015

Mason Jar Birthday Invitations!

Are you ready for this?

Jackson turns one next month...and Conner turns 4 two weeks later.

What the crap?!? How did that happen??

But alas. Their birthdays are approaching and you know what that means for this mama...PARTY CRAFTING!!!

This year we decided to go with a very special theme. The boys have so it is. And we are having a party to celebrate them, not for people to bring them presents. So we decided that this year we'd ask our guests to bring a donation, instead of a gift, and join us in taking the Lemon Shot Challenge to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

And from there our lemonade birthday party theme was born.

I wanted to do some kind of cute invitation to go with the theme and immediately a mason jar came to mind. What's sweeter than a fresh glass of lemonade in a mason jar? I turned to Etsy to see my options. I knew I wanted to design the invitation myself, so I sought out a seller who would provide me with a template and print and die cut my design. Mai from Pretty Please did just that. I purchased her listing for mason jar die cut invitations and then the separate listing for printing. She sent me a template and I designed the invitation in Pixelmator (a program for Mac). I sent her the PDF and she took care of the rest. Her Etsy shop has a great variety of paper products to chose from and she was excellent in communicating with me regarding my order. The end result was a super cute Mason jar shaped invite on good quality card stock. For those who prefer to have an invitation designed for them, Mai offers that service as well!

Once the invitations arrived, I began my invitation construction :)

Invitation supplies: the mason jar invitation from Pretty Please, Scotch permanent double sided tape, washi tape, a printed lemon slice and a paper straw (not shown: Scotch tape for attaching the straw to the invite)

Since we are asking our guests to consider a donation, I wanted to include something with our request on it. I had thought about printing a note on a lemon slice, and a friend suggested attaching it to the mason jar like a garnish...It. Looks. Perfect.

I attached the lemon slice to the lip of the jar using a small piece of Scotch permanent double sided tape

For a little extra finesse, I taped a paper straw to the back of the invitation and viola!

Cutest. Invitation. Ever.

I sealed them in an envelope and sketched on a quick little lemon. I added a bit of color on the back by adding a piece of teal washi tape (not pictured) onto the already sealed envelope.

And my invitations are good to go :) Some hand delivered, others mailed using an extra stamp, just in case, as they are a little on the large side in the envelope.

Don't worry loves, there will be lots more party crafts where that came from :) Stay tuned!

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  1. Very nice post! Thanks for sharing these Mason jar invitation card ideas. At some local Chicago event space I am going to get engaged and these invitations would look perfect for my engagement party. So glad to get these card inspirations!