Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plan It! Five Fun Ways to Meal Plan With Stickers

One of my favorite weekly routines is to meal plan. Every Sunday you'll find me scouring Pinterest for recipes and thinking of old favorites to plan out our weekly dinner menu. I organize my meal choices in my Plum Paper Planner and then I grocery shop each Monday for everything I'll need. As a busy mama of two, it's one of the best ways for me to stay organized and (relatively) stress free!
To make meal planning more fun I've found some awesome stickers in my favorite small shops. Not only do they add a little sass to your planner, many are also super functional! You'll find little crock pots to help remind you to start your meal early. There are colorful mixers for when you want to bake. And even little place setting stickers for writing out your evening meal.
Here are some of my favorite meal planning stickers. Bon appetite!

via Paper Loving Mommy on Etsy
Aren't these adorable? A simple, great way to mark out grocery shopping time in your planner, or even a little reminder for things you've run out of or need to pick up.

via This Very Crafty Mama on Etsy

The little mixers drew me in because I love to bake, but the whole set is amazing! This is an excellent "everything you need" sticker set and would be an excellent starter set for anyone new to planning.

via Planneresque on Etsy
These are some of my favorites for writing out what's for dinner each night! They're slim labels, perfect for a neat little meal note in your planner.

via Planneresque on Etsy
You can never take yourself too seriously in the kitchen! These are witty, adorable and sure to make you giggle.

via Small Town Grace on Etsy

These are some of my latest favorite sidebar stickers. Perfect for keeping your meal plans on a list, they're pretty and functional! An excellent option for saving space on your daily planner entries.

Check out these favorites and let me know in the comments if you've got any to add :)

Until next time!

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