Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello, 2016

2015 was a year that pretty literally kicked my ass. It was a year of having my husband in and out almost every month (gone for schools, trainings, you name it...Army life.). A year of adjusting to two kids and a lot less sleep. A year of battling breastfeeding challenges, Post Partum Depression and Anxiety, and a year of some of my closest friends moving far away (again, Army life. Whomp whomp).

It was also a year of learning that I am more capable than I often think I am. A year of finding strength in myself when I felt I had nothing left. A year of making new friends and a year of learning that sometimes you just have to sit back, let life happen, and ride along with it. Because the bad stuff will eventually be replaced by lots of good stuff.

But now, here we are, 2016. A fresh start, a better outlook and a more positive attitude. Over the past few months I've found myself coming out of my PPD/PPA "funk"...I'm managing it well and feeling much better. I've gotten a break from hubby's in-and-out year and had him home for the holidays. And I've surrounded myself with friends who have made me realize the absolute importance of better self-care. And so, this year, I've got resolutions going...

1) Joining a gym and focusing on my own health

Oh that's right. I'm about to join the masses of people who vow to "get healthier in the new year". This is easily my biggest personal goal of the year. And while it's easy to start out strong, falling off the health and fitness wagon isn't an option for me. Why? Because I have some kick ass friends who know the importance of this goal for me and who aren't going to let me fail. I've got dreams of a better, healthier me and I'm setting myself up to succeed in that. Because I'm important, and I need to let my children see the importance in taking care of yourself and loving yourself. And a little time alone at the gym with my headphones on does actually sound delightful...even if vegetables don't...

2) Using our date night jar more often

Couch dates are nice and all, but hubby and I have had such a crazy 2015 that kindling our marriage has sort of taken a backseat. I mean honestly, our last real no-kids-just-us date was six months ago. Six. So I'm making s vow to make better use out of our date night jar so that we can focus on us as a married couple, not just mommy and daddy. The date night jar is nice, too, because it gives us a variety of options ranging from free to full on dinner and a movie, so we don't have to break the bank to have quality married time...but we can if we really want to :)

3) The 52 week money challenge and the holiday gift card challenge

I'm sure you've all seen it on social media...the 52 week money challenge has you put money in an envelope each week and the amount correlates to whichever week of the year it is (so this week you'd do $1, next week $2). Derek and I have decided to double the amount, so technically our envelope gets money from each of us. We plan to put our cash in the envelope each Friday, starting today, and by the end of the year we will have $2100 to deposit, use for a trip, or buy wine...whichever.

We are also going to offset our Christmas shopping costs by buying one gift card each month. We did all of our shopping at Amazon and Target this year, so each month we are going to buy either a $25 Target card or a $25 Amazon card and set them aside for next year's Christmas shopping. Technically you could just set the money aside, but for us I think this works better and will help majorly offset the usual big bank account hit next December.

And finally, 4) Stepping out of my comfort zone!!

This is going to be a year of saying "yes" to things for me. A year of trying new things and pushing my limits. Whether that is eating new foods, wearing an outfit I normally wouldn't or trying an activity I wouldn't usually do...this is a year of doing it all. Yes!!!

Cheers to 2016, my friends. May it be a great one.




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