Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Small Business Spotlight: The Vintage Honey Shop

Oooooh y'all. The blog was way overdue for a little love. We spent the entire month of January sick and a good chunk of February recovering. Don't you love how life just smacks you in the face like that sometimes?
BUT. I'm back and I am ridiculously excited about the mama owned, small business I'm sharing with you today! Allow me to introduce you to The Vintage Honey Shop.

Started by two best friends in 2011, The Vintage Honey Shop specializes in an incredible range of nursing and teething necklaces, with choices varying from fabric teething and nursing necklaces, teething ring necklaces, silicone teething jewelry rad is this? Dad necklaces.

{image courtesy of The Vintage Honey Shop}

I discovered The Vintage Honey Shop last year on Instagram and was instantly hooked. Their choices of bright, cheery fabrics and materials, and a love for their customers drew me right in (part of the joy of shopping small truly is how much small businesses LOVE their customers!). And then one day last year, they made me melt. The ladies released a limited edition teething necklace called Virginia. A white fabric necklace with delicate purple flowers all over it, I instantly had to have it. Why? Because my grandmother's name was Virginia. And she was as lovely and beautiful as the print of this fabric. It's a necklace I will quite honestly treasure forever.

My favorite Vintage Honey Shop item is their fabric teething and nursing necklace. Each necklace is handmade in Nashville, TN using soft, durable cotton and organic wood beads, and they feature a soft, satin ribbon tie. Beyond the functionality of the necklace (I reaaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy love these for babywearing in particular! Jackson likes to hold a necklace when I wear him...this saves the chain on the little gold charm I wear every day!) I find them to be super stylish. The VHS ladies have a knack for picking really gorgeous fabrics and I find the design of the fabric covered beads to be really on trend and pretty classic. In all honesty, I will continue to wear my teething necklaces long after we need them!

Bonus? THEY'RE WASHABLE. Contain yourself. I know, this is very exciting! Hand wash in warm water with your fave soap or detergent and air dry. Tip: I actually wash mine with Palmolive Bottle and Toy soap because it's specially formulated for cleaning up breastmilk and formula...and works equally well on spit up and drool.

I recently had the opportunity to check out another one of the Vintage Honey Shop's gorgeous patterns and, well, it's LOVE. They are changing inventory constantly so keep an eye on their, website, Instagram and Facebook for updates!

OH. AND FOR MY FELLOW TULA MAMAS...they mayyyyyyy have a necklace or two that matches your carrier. You're welcome. CAW CAW!
{image courtesy of The Vintage Honey Shop}

The ladies at The Vintage Honey Shop have been gracious enough to offer a discount code to you all so that you can check out their products and fall in love for yourself. Just enter code: VHSHARE at checkout for 15% off of your order!